‘The Power of the Hexagrams’ course coming up!

In September I’ll start another The Power of the Hexagrams Course!
If you agree with one or more of the following statements, then this workshop is for you:
– I always find it difficult to interpret the answers from the Yijing
– I only use the text of the Yijing, and would like to do more with the hexagrams
– I don’t know how to practically apply the trigrams
– I know that every line in a hexagram has a general meaning, and I would like to use these in a reading
– I have been using the Yijing for years, but I still feel like a beginner
– I want to know more about the Chinese philosophy behind the Yijing
– I want to pick Harmen’s brain on the Yijing
– I want to have more confidence in my own interpretations
– I want to integrate the Yijing into my own profession
If one or more of these statements apply to you then you will benefit from this online workshop. In eight lessons you will learn the power of the hexagrams, how to read them, and make them useful and meaningful for every question that you address to the Book of Changes.

Read what students say about this workshop:
“The meaning of intuition is Change (yì).” Wáng Yángmíng (Míng, 1472-1529)
I just learned this statement today from Harmen Mesker’s online Yijing Class.We are now in week 6 out of 8 weeks and I have loved every minute of it. I look forward to each new lesson.
Some of you may think I am too nerdy, so you may wonder if this class is good for you. I can tell you, it is great for nerds, but there is also an even strong practical aspect to it. It is about using the Yi in everyday life to find guidance on issues, whether you are simply curious or really troubled about the situation. The method used in this class is different than the more common way of reading the text and trying to apply it. Instead, this class focuses on the trigrams and seeing the images that they contain. Yijing is much more approachable this way.
Even if you are a beginner, Harmen is very patient and answers questions in great detail. He devotes a tremendous amount of personal attention to each participant. If you are not a beginner, there is still so much to learn.
In addition, Harmen stays away from New Age unrooted practices. He makes ancient systems understandable and always gives his sources for what he says.
So all in all, I would say, whether you are a beginner or have been playing with the Yi for many years, you will learn so much from this class and become relatively adept at doing readings.”
-Lorraine Wilcox
“I’ve been in the class too (and aside from Harmen, have benefited greatly from Lorraine’s presence there as well) – its been a completely captivating class – Harmen navigates the Nerd-Beginner continuum seamlessly – if you take the class seriously and engage fully, you come away with a very powerful, well-grounded capacity to work with the Yi Jing – but with the texts most people use commonly as unnecessary – as Harmen said on day 1 – we learn to read the Yi Jing without reading the Yi Jing, if its not a misuse of the term ‘principles’ (and it may be), you learn the principles. I guess in Lorraine’s terms, we come away with a real sense of the ‘images’ and from there, we proceed. It’s really been excellent.”
-Daniel Schulman
“This class has exceeded my expectations. I am completely knew to learning the yi Jing, and feel that the method you teach is approachable, understandable and takes much of the intimidating/mystery out of this oracle. You have such a kindness and down to earth manner of conveying complex info. It is so apparent how much of yourself you give to the lessons and your feedback. Very touching…really!”
– Patricia Berglund
“‘The Power of the Hexagrams’ has revolutionized the way I approach the Yijing. Harmen is an excellent teacher.”
“Teaching the Yijing can be a very serious job, but Harmen brings his brand of humor to it, which I love, as it helps me as a learner see the funny side of learning the Yijing. And he remains one of the most contemporary and active independent Yijing scholars today who presents the Yijing both as a practical method and a complex scholarly study. I very much like this balance and I have learned so much from Harmen’s insights and very unassuming but certainly high-level expertise.”
“Highly recommend this class. Great information that I will use for the rest of my life. The best part is that although this can be applied to more formal or serious aspects of life, Harmen has a great sense of humor and ease which makes learning dense material much more pleasureable. I can’t wait for the next class.”
“If you have been thinking about studying the Yi Jing, Harmen is your guy. He is witty, funny, and an awesome teacher. The course is designed in a very easy to do and easy to follow manner. It’s not super demanding and you can go at your own pace. Harmen is extremely generous with his time and very attentive to each individual participant. This course alone is enough for you to have fun with the Yi for a long time to come, but it’s also a great introductory course for more advanced studies. This course is both money and time well spent. Thank you Harmen for putting this out there.”
Armin M.
“This is an excellent course. My previous experience with Yi Jing left me feeling that it was very complicated and simultaneously wandering what was the big deal. Harmen breaks down the complexity to show the beauty and power of this system. The balance between the basic and the more scholarly discourse is just right. Harmen is a great teacher! so knowledgeable and funny too.”
“This course exceeded my expectations. It is apparent how much Harmen gives of himself and his deep experience and knowledge of the Yi Jing. He does this with lightness and whimsy, making his teachings approachable and applicable. I LOVED this class and look forward to continuing my studies of the Yi Jing with Harmen. Thank you Harmen!”
“I loved this course. It was one of the best investments I have made. Very empowering, challenging, intellectual, visual and entertaining – all at once. When I am in Europe next time, we should go for drink!”
“Excellent class. Harmen is very grounded in his approach and very humorous. He puts a lot of effort into responding to students work personally. Also he does videos to add to questions that come up in class. His dedication to getting the information and approach across is excellent.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed this class, and am so glad I chose to participate. Harmen did an excellent job of making the material funny and engaging, with the clear intention of empowering us to consult the Yi. He put so much time into the class and with personalized responses…if you have ever wanted to become better acquainted with the Yi I highly recommend this course!”
“This course is definitely worth a lot more than it costs. In it you will find solid knowledge, clear explanations, debates and exchanges with the teacher and with classmates. Furthermore, it is an eminently practical course. You will go a long way in understanding hexagrams, I tell you from experience. Harmen is always available, answers all your questions in a reasoned way and, above all, has a sense of humor! What more could you want?”
“This course was amazing! Harmen made it understandable without over-simplifying. He answered questions thoroughly, patiently, and with good humor. He encouraged all to participate. I have played with Yijing for years, but this class was still able to dramatically increased my ability to see the answers it gives me.”
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  1. Tal Carmel says:

    The Hexagram course is my first acquaintance with the Yijing.
    The course was great! Harmen is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable, creative, patient and with a wonderful sense of humor. I enjoyed everything he taught, and I plan to enroll in the future for additional courses that Harmen will offer. Highly recommended!

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