On sabbatical

After the current running courses are finished I will take a sabbatical. I will begin teaching again in about a half year from now (or a year from now – I actually have no idea), but since my courses tend to fill up pretty quickly I have decided to work with a waiting list. Fill in the form below, I will notify you when the next course(s) will start and you will be amongst the chosen ones to sign up first, if you want.

No regrets: about hui 悔

The character hui 悔 appears many times in the Zhouyi, the core text of the Book of Changes, and is often translated as ‘regret’. A student asked me if I could tell a little bit more about this character, and although I already examined this character several times, new findings came up.
Only watch this if you are really interested in the etymology of Chinese characters, otherwise it can be a bit boring to watch.

Etymology of Chinese characters, meaning and sound components (2)

Lotti replied to my article, and added a message from Hilary as well. I’ll address both Lotti’s reply and Hilary’s message in this video. I choose to reply by video because that is currently easier for me, and I can tell and show more with a visual presentation.

Recommended reading: John DeFrancis, The Chinese Language: Fact and Fantasy, especially chapter 6, ‘How do Chinese characters represent sounds’, and chapter 7, ‘How do Chinese characters convey meaning’.