Translation Notes

These are my ‘translation notes’. Here I will post long or short jottings about my Yijing translation, a continuous work in progress.

When I have added or modified an entry I will put it on my twitter page:

7 Responses to Translation Notes

  1. From previous information I may expect some spectacular translations that might influence our vision on parts of the Yijing. So I am very happy that we do not have to wait for another couple of years…
    Marcel Dierselhuis, Yijing Business Academy.

  2. I find the appearance of this category thoroughly auspicious! Will watch with interest and take notes.

  3. Kevin says:

    Great! I am looking forward
    to this – Thanks.

  4. Lotti says:

    This make me very happy! I am always curious about your findings, they are all of great value to me. Thanks!

  5. Kevin Sheffield says:

    As always – Thank you – Your work is appreciated.

  6. TL says:

    What have you on hexagram 46. Harmen?

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