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  1. Car says:

    Cool presentation!!

  2. Jeff says:

    Hello Harmen,

    Thanks for sharing all the great information in your first video! I look forward to your future videos.

    You stated that you like the trigrams (I do as well). Do you also “use” bigrams, quadragrams, and pentagrams (2-lines, 4-lines, and
    5-lines, respectively) contained within the hexagrams? If so, could you share some of your insights? (Reference Nigel Richmond’s discussions about this subject.) While the ancient users of the Yijing may not have used them, do you see any value in them….. or do you just use the trigrams?

    I appreciate your comments about the Yijing text. Over the many years of relationship with the Yijing, I moved away from all texts and any interest in divination….. getting myself out of the way and simply allowing the hexagrams to communicate unencumbered.

    Very Best Wishes,

    • Hi Jeff, thank you for your message and sorry for this late reply. I don’t use bigrams – I consider these a late development in the history of the Yi and not relevant for the original practice of Yi divination. In other words to me they don’t have any value but of course that is different for everybody. 4-lines and 5-lines yes, but I turn these into 2 trigrams and work with these. So you might say I only work with trigrams (and lines). Actually I think I turn everything into trigrams. When I have a hexagram with 3 moving lines (or more) I turn these into a trigram to see what aspect is entirely out of balance.

      It is good to hear that you pay attention to the hexagram and how it speaks to you. It is my wish that more people start seeing the value of the hexagram and its components. But I think most people will still consider the Yi a book that must be read in order to understand it. I have students who learned the practical value of the trigrams etc but who still immediately open the book when they consult the Yi because that is what they got used to after so many years of using it. Ah well. At least they know there is also another way.

  3. Charles says:

    Found my way to your site today and checked out your video. I enjoyed it very much and am greatly looking forward to future offerings.

    Regarding the trigrams, I look forward to a discussion on the significance upper and lower trigrams, overall and relative to each other. Some writers also emphasize that consideration be given to the inner trigrams ( lines 2,3,4 and 3,4,5) that overlap. This has always confused me in that I don’t understand when or why one would consider those. I hope you will address this in one of your videos.

    Thanks for sharing your understanding.

    Kind regards.

    • Hi Charles, this will definitely be addressed in one of the future videos. Thank you for your support!

      • Charles says:

        Harmen, I like your website and have been frequenting it looking for new content.

        I notice that my previous comment post appears with an angry (scowl and bared teeth) emoticon. Not an impression I would want to present. Have not figured out if I have any control of that; does not appear to be any place to customize a user profile. I appologize that I am not very blog site savy. Any advice or guidance?

        • Hi Charles, unfortunately new content is not posted very often (busy, busy, busy). If you subscribe to my blog you will automatically get an email when new stuff is posted. See the option on the right side of the front page.

          The emoticon is automatically chosen by WordPress based on your current mood and spiritual well-being. Obviously it does a bad job at that so I changed the settings to a more neutral depiction of your inner complexities.

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