Casting Changes: Podcasts about the YI in Times of Movement

Exciting news!

Johannes Bloemsma and I started a Yi podcast:

Casting Changes: Podcasts about the YI in Times of Movement.

The first podcast is available now – an introduction about who we are, what we do and what we are going to do with the podcast. Including the examination of a hexagram that is representative for our new endeavour!

If you want to watch the podcast and be informed of new episodes you can sign up here:

The YouTube channel for the podcast is here: Casting Changes – YouTube

This is going to be fun!

No regrets: about hui 悔

The character hui 悔 appears many times in the Zhouyi, the core text of the Book of Changes, and is often translated as ‘regret’. A student asked me if I could tell a little bit more about this character, and although I already examined this character several times, new findings came up.
Only watch this if you are really interested in the etymology of Chinese characters, otherwise it can be a bit boring to watch.