Hexagram 02, line 3

含章可貞, 或從王事, 无成有終.

Hanzhang 含章: the same phrase occurs at H44-5.  Han 含 means ‘to keep in the mouth; to hide, conceal’. The Shanghai MSS manuscript has [玉+欦], which might be related to yin 㱃, an old form of yin 飲, ‘to swallow; conceal’. The expression yinzhang 飲章 was used for documents without a signature, like anonymous memorials to the throne. Zhang 章 amongst many other things can mean ‘outstanding labour/service’ (顯赫的功勛).

Huo 或 = you 又–> you 有, ‘there is also’, see H1-4 and H7-3.

Cong 從: ‘participate in’.

Wangshi 王事: assignment by the king.

Unrecognised outstanding service. Suitable to do the divination.
There is participation in royal affairs.
No accomplishments, but it will be finished.

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  1. Nate Cozzolino says:

    Very interesting. What does “suitable to do the divination” mean in this context?

    • Hi Nate, it can mean that, after the necessary offerings have been accepted by the ancestors, it is good to do the divination because it will result in a desirable outcome. When the early diviners suspected that the ancestors would not approve they would give more offerings (or show some sort of repent for current misbehavior), hoping that that would persuade the ancestors to give their approval. Without such approval endeavors could be very complicated.

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