Hexagram 02, line 3

含章可貞, 或從王事, 无成有終.

Hanzhang 含章: the same phrase occurs at H44-5.  Han 含 means ‘to keep in the mouth; to hide, conceal’. The Shanghai MSS manuscript has [玉+欦], which might be related to yin 㱃, an old form of yin 飲, ‘to swallow; conceal’. The expression yinzhang 飲章 was used for documents without a signature, like anonymous memorials to the throne. Zhang 章 amongst many other things can mean ‘outstanding labour/service’ (顯赫的功勛).

Huo 或 = you 又–> you 有, ‘there is also’, see H1-4 and H7-3.

Cong 從: ‘participate in’.

Wangshi 王事: assignment by the king.

Unrecognised outstanding service. Suitable to do the divination.
There is participation in royal affairs.
No accomplishments, but it will be finished.

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