A new Yijing website with valuable extra’s

My good friend Ruud Nederveen made a website where you can consult the Yijing and read the text from Wilhelm’s translation. You might think, aren’t there enough of these websites already? But Ruud’s site gives extra goodies that you will not find on other sites. When you consult the Yijing online on his site there are several features that makes this website different from others (in a good way):

  • Wilhelm’s commentary is hidden under an arrow so you won’t be distracted by text that doesn’t belong to the core text of the Yi. If you want to read the commentary you can click on the arrow.
  • The button ‘the Sign’ opens up a treasure trove of information about the hexagram that you cast and its trigrams:
    • you will find the basic trigrams of the hexagram where you can click on the description to get detailed information about that trigram and what it could mean with regard to the position that it has in the hexagram,
    • there are the nuclear trigrams, also with a description of what nuclear trigrams are as well as an indication of their nature and position,
    • the baoti 包體, the ‘enveloping trigrams’ are given with a description of their meaning and usage,
    • the resonance trigram – if you want to know what that is: go to the website and consult the Yijing Hint: it’s originally used in Xuankong Dagua Feng Shui,
    • The Omnimono button:
      Extremely unique is the Omnimono method developed by Henk Melching, a method where trigrams are connected to the lines, based on the sequence of the 3x throw of 1 coin (or 3 coins drawn separately). This is similar to the trigram connection described by Zhang Li in 《Yixiang Tushuo Neipian 易象圖說外篇》 (written in 1364). An explanation of Zhang Li’s method, which originally was used for the yarrow stalk method, is given with the Omnimono method. This section is still in development but can already be consulted.Most of the texts for all the trigram attributes & descriptions are translated from my Dutch book so if you ever wanted an English version of it this is as close as you are going to get (for now).
  • The constituting and governing rulers are indicated (in case you should be interested in that)

I’d say give it a try and see how it works for you. There is also the option for a paid subscription which enables you to log your Yijing sessions. You can also look up hexagrams without consulting the Yijing online. And there is more because so many items are clickable! Last but not least: I am very fond of the large singing bowl at the end of each page. Click on it and it will start to play.

Highly recommended for any user of the Yijing, especially those users who want to do more with the structure of the hexagram and trigrams.


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2 Responses to A new Yijing website with valuable extra’s

  1. Jose C. del Pino says:

    Discovering your approach to iching based on the reading of the trigrams has been a great discovery (your videos, your contributions in groups). I am making a compilation of what each trigram represents and it is a laborious task because I have seen that it has many attributes, what it is, what it represents, what it is like, what it does. Apart from the traditional qualities there are also modern concepts. Just yesterday I asked the iching a tip on how to properly learn to interpret the trigrams and I answered hexagram 11 with mutable lines 2 and 5 and complementary hexagram on 63. I understand that I must be receptive to people who are experts in the subject. Right now I see this website that helps to have all the information at hand, including nuclear and baoti.

    A lot of thanks!

    • Hi Jose, thank you for your kind comment. Yes, this website can help you with your study of the trigrams. There is a wealth of information to be found on it.
      That’s a beautiful answer from the Yijing BTW. Happy studying! 🙂

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