Hexagram 04, general note

The main theme of hexagram 4 as seen in the line texts is not the ignorant fellow, but the ignorant fellow who wants or needs his ignorance removed. There is a drive for gaining knowledge, and the removal of ignorance and misunderstanding is what should be emphasized – not the fact that there is ignorance.

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  1. Sparhawk says:

    Interesting conclusion for 4. Doesn’t it sound a bit like Genesis 2:17?

  2. Sparhawk says:

    True. I was just associating the plight of the ignoramus for knowledge and being admonished in the Judgment and some of the lines with instances that could be interpreted as being pushed back from his goal. I suppose it is a universal theme where too much free information could be dangerous and misleading. Dunno but I do like that twist of interpretation for the overall gua.

  3. Lotti says:

    I know two people with 4 as their birth-hexagram. Both were not satisfied with the world (human society) as it is, but searched beyond. Not an easy life, but one in which you find lots of values most people cannot even conceive of.

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