Hexagram 04, line 4, 5 & 6

Line 4


Kun 困: hindered, blocked (阻礙)

吝: difficulties; difficult progress (see hexagram 3, line 3)

Blocked ignorance. Difficulties.

Line 5


About tong meng 童蒙: see Judgment

Repeated ignorance. Auspicious.

Line 6


Ji 擊: attack. The Shanghai Museum MS has 墼 = 毄, ‘attack’.

Kou 寇: invaders, enemies.

兵作於內為亂, 於外為寇.
Hostilities within the State produce rebellion, while hostilities from without are from enemies.
(Zuo Zhuan, tr. James Legge)

Attack ignorance.
Not advantageous for invaders,
Advantageous for guarding against invaders.

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  1. Sparhawk says:

    I find the inclusion of 困 in 4.4 quite meaningful. It is the only time 困 appears in the received text outside of 47.

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