The month hexagrams of Hu Yigui 胡一桂

pdfI originally wrote this paper (in Dutch) for a friend, but I thought I might as well share it with the community. The article discusses the origin of the month hexagrams as found in Jou Tsung Hwa’s The Tao of I Ching and reiterates the error in this book as mentioned earlier in my article on the Eight Houses.

The month hexagrams of Hu Yigui

The oldest source for the coin method

20140928_100256During the last meeting of the Dutch Yijing group there was confusion about the assignment of the numbers 2 (yin) and 3 (yang) to the sides of Chinese coins. Old Chinese coins have four Chinese characters on one side and the other side is blank or has two Mongolian characters. When I looked for Chinese sources on this I found that there isn’t much agreement on the designation of the numbers, one of my books says that the side with Chinese characters is yang (see picture), and in this lecture Moxiang Liao 廖墨香 seems to follow the same designation, but there are websites that say otherwise. Curious about the origin of the coin method and wanting to know how the Chinese people in the early times did it I did some digging. Continue reading

Yijing on your outfit

If you are looking for an original present, or would like to show your interest in the Yijing in a unique way, then take a look at this webshop: The images are taken from this deck of cards. At this time apparel with the images from hexagram 1, 2 and 40 are available. More items will gradually be added to the shop. If you have a request for a certain article, or would like to see the picture of another hexagram added to the available designs, please let me know and I will take care of it.

Yijing Cards

Years ago a publisher asked me to make a Yijing Agenda for the years 2000 and 2001. For attractive purposes I made 64 images of the hexagrams: 12 hexagrams for the months and 52 hexagrams for the weeks. Lately I found these images back in my archive, and I thought it would be nice to have these printed as a deck of cards.

The deck consists of  64 cards with on every card a hexagram and a picture that matches the atmosphere of the hexagram. The pictures are taken from the Zixi Huapu Daquan 自習畫譜大全 manual of painting published in 1928 by Ma Tai 馬駘 (1886 – 1937). The cards are very useful for meditation purposes and to expand the corpus of meanings of the line symbols.

To keep the price as low as possible no manual or bags are included. The cards are suitable for  Yijing users of every level and can be admired here.

The cards can be purchased through this website: The price is $ 19.99 excl. shipment.

I hope you enjoy the cards as much as I enjoyed making them.