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  1. claudine says:

    Thank you Harmen, the link you make for those who don’t read Chinese is helpful. And the way you do it is nourishing.
    So please continue.
    I’d like to hear you about Taoist or Confucian reading

  2. claudine says:

    Since our first discussion about bigrams and this video about nuclear hexagrams, I’m like hexagram 23! while I’m waiting for this summer’s trainings, I’m shelling the 10 wings. Trying to follows words and ideograms. After asking you to talk about Taoist or Confucian reading, I read Xi Ci Zhuan (in french with chinese texts) and R. Wilhelm.
    Very often I need comments of line text to understand and the way of each author is different and I made that distinction between taoist and confucian.
    But reading Xi Ci, I discoverd that it contains a lot of explanations. So I’m not sure of my own question…Maybe I should wait before comment! 😉 let things settle down.
    Thank you for your next video which will necessarily correspond with one of my ten thousand questions.

  3. David Walker says:

    You demonstrate the importance of being able to read and understand Chinese. Your practical and down to earth approach to drawing textual meaning from the Yijing hexagrams sets a most excellent standard. Thank you for sharing your passion for a fascinating subject. Not too long. More please !

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