Online workshop The Mystery of the Text: Understanding the Words of the Book of Changes

Many users of the Yijing struggle with the text of the oracle: how can you read it in such a way that it always gives a meaningful and relevant answer to the question or situation that you address to the Book of Changes? This workshop will teach you that. We will explore the Chinese text, its origin and development, and will look at early usage and readings of this enigmatic yet fascinating oracle from early China. From there we will build a framework that will help you to understand the layout of the text, and how it conveys it messages in images. You will learn how to read the text, how to work with its images, and how to lift the veil of mystery from its words. After this workshop you know how the text can answer any question that you address to the oracle. You will be able to read the images and can practically apply them to any situation. Who’s afraid of the text? You won’t be after this workshop.

I made a short video in which I walk you through the contents of the course: Contents of the Mystery of the Text course ( (forget the date that I mention in the video – I made this video for an earlier instalment of the course.). Continue reading

Casting Changes: Podcasts about the YI in Times of Movement

Exciting news!

Johannes Bloemsma and I started a Yi podcast:

Casting Changes: Podcasts about the YI in Times of Movement.

The first podcast is available now – an introduction about who we are, what we do and what we are going to do with the podcast. Including the examination of a hexagram that is representative for our new endeavour!

If you want to watch the podcast and be informed of new episodes you can sign up here:

The YouTube channel for the podcast is here: Casting Changes – YouTube

This is going to be fun!

On sabbatical

After the current running courses are finished I will take a sabbatical. I will begin teaching again in about a half year from now (or a year from now – I actually have no idea), but since my courses tend to fill up pretty quickly I have decided to work with a waiting list. Fill in the form below, I will notify you when the next course(s) will start and you will be amongst the chosen ones to sign up first, if you want.