Hexagram 09, line 5


有孚攣如: this sentence also occurs at H61.5.

You fu 有孚: see here.

Luan 攣: to join, to connect. There are a few dictionaries (like 《新甲骨文編》) who link this character to an oracle bone character (see image). This  OBI character has the same components as 攣: silk threads 絲 with a hand 爫. But in 攣 this hand 手 is below. Most dictionaries regard the OBI form as the precursor of 𦃟 ‘to tie (up)’, following the Shuowen 說文 which says 𦃟 籀文系從爪絲: 𦃟 is the Large Seal form of 系. From 爪 ‘hand’ and 絲 ‘two threads of silk.’

Ru 如: see hexagram 3, line 2

富以其鄰: The Fuyang Zhouyi has here 富以其鄰. The extra bu 不 is probably an error. This phrase with bu 不 occurs at H11.4 and H15.5. Most likely this is where the error in the FY text comes from – other versions don’t have bu in this line.

Fu 富: wealth, riches. Also a loan for fu 福, ‘blessings’ (see Shijing 詩經 Ode M264).

Yiqi 以其: litt. ‘because of its’. Can be read as ‘is coming forth from’:

Heaven lives long and Earth is lasting.
The reason why Heaven and Earth are long-lasting
Is that they do not will their own existence.

故能成其私 ?
Isn’t it because he is selfless
That he is able to fulfill himself?
– Daodejing 道德經 Ch. 7; tr. Charles Q. Wu, Thus Spoke Laozi: a New Translation with Commentaries of Daodejing

‘Heaven and Earth are long-lasting’ because of/coming forth from ‘not willing their own existence’. ‘The ability to fulfill himself’ is because of/comes forth from ‘his selflessness’. Likewise in H9.5: the riches are because of/are coming from

Lin 鄰: neighbouring countries:

They assemble their neighbours…
Shijing 詩經

Line 5 of hexagram 9 speaks of a unity of neighbouring countries that share their resources. This reinforces the idea that is conveyed in the previous hexagram 8 (see line 1 where the name of hexagram 8, bi 比, ‘to form a bond to reach a common goal’ is discussed), but also reminds of the meng 盟 ritual that the 4th line might refer to. The covenant receives the blessings from the ancestors.

Blessing and protection from the ancestors are binding (the covenant).
Riches coming from the neighbouring countries.

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