Hexagram 05, line 4


Xue 血: loan for xue 洫, the irrigation ditches between fields; a small water channel. (古代漢語通假字大字典, p. 769)

鄒漢勳 Zou Hanxun (1805 – 1854) also follows this hypothesis,  arguing that the fourth line is at the start of the upper trigram Water ☵ (see 古代漢語通假字大字典).

Chu zi 出自: ‘coming from, going out at’:

The wife with the boy in her arms came forth from her room…
禮記 – Liji

The viands came forth from the room on the east…
春秋繁露 – Chun Qiu Fan Lu

O sun; O moon,
Which come forth from the east!
詩經 – Book of Poetry

I go out at the north gate…
詩經 – Book of Poetry

Xue 穴: water course, drain, originating with a hole in a hill or mountain. The Erya 爾雅 explains the word guiquan 氿泉, a spring coming out of a hillside, as:

A spring coming out from the side. Xuchu 穴出 means zechu 仄出, ‘coming out from the side’.
爾雅 – Er Ya

Waiting at the ditch coming forth from a hole (in the hillside).


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