Hexagram 05, line 2

需于沙. 小有言. 終吉.

Sha 沙: the sandy river shore. Lu Deming’s 陸德明 Jingdian Shiwen 經典釋文 says that Zheng Xuan 鄭玄 used zhi 沚, ‘islet’. 

The Shanghai Museum MSS has 5-2-1. The 古文字通假字典 says that 5-2-2 is a known variant of 沙 in bronze inscriptions and in the Baoshan texts (p. 508; see also 包山楚簡文字編, p. 141), so 5-2-1 is most likely a variant of 沙. The 土 component indicates the earth aspect of the meaning.

小有言: see this article.

Waiting at the river shore.
The common people will have criticism.
In the end auspicious.

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