Hexagram 04, line 1


Fa meng 發蒙 = fa meng 發矇: make a blind person recover lost eye sight. Analogy for enlightening the stupid, open one’s eyes to new point of views (使盲人眼睛復明. 喻啟發矇昧; 開拓眼界):

I shall take a barge and go sailing down the river,
Lest by some good chance my lord should yet come to his sense.
(The Songs of the South, tr. D. Hawkes, p. 249)

When the three students heard these words from the Master, it was obvious they felt their ignorance exposed.
(Liji 禮記)

Xingren 刑人: Punished criminals doing physical labour (受刑之人. 古代多以刑人充服勞役的奴隸).

Tuo 說 = tuo 脫: ‘take off, to free, relieve’.

Yi 以: cause, reason (緣故; 原因; 道理).

Exposed ignorance.
Favourable to use prisoners (as slaves).
Remove hand- and foot shackles
As these hinder going.

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