Hexagram 03, line 4 & 5

Line 4

乘馬班如.求婚媾.往吉. 無不利.

See also line 2.

Carts lingering,
Seeking marriage (for tying bonds).
Going is auspicious.
Nothing disadvantageous.

Line 5


Gao 膏: The best; cream; quintessence of something. The 王力古漢語字典 gives as one of the meanings ‘the best place/location’ (‘精華所在’; p. 1008).

The best place for stationing troops.
Divination for small issues: auspicious.
Divination for big issues: inauspicious.

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2 Responses to Hexagram 03, line 4 & 5

  1. Sparhawk says:

    You know, I’ll repeat this: I feel vindicated with this way of translating 貞. I was calling for that years ago in discussions in Clarity and most people thought I was heretic because it departed from Wilhelm/Legge/and others.

    • I understand how you feel. Many users of the Yi feel uncomfortable with the idea that all the books that they use are written on the wrong premises. You can ignore it, deny it, or reject it, however the latest developments in the field of Yixue show that the general view of the book and its history & language needs to be adjusted. These adjustments are not always helpful in the practice of divination, yet they need to be made to do the book justice. Most people prefer to cling to their comfortable assumptions.

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