Hexagram 03, Judgment & line 1


Tun 屯: to gather, assemble; to station troops, (to) garrison (漢語大詞典, Vol. 1, p. 483).

Tuan 彖


You wang 攸往: see here. This phrase is currently under reinvestigation. About wang 往: The opposite of lai 來. To go to a place.  Wang Li 王力 says:

“往”是到某地去, “去”是離開某地,詞義正相反。直到近代, “去”才有 “往”義.
“往” is going to a certain place, “去” is leaving a certain place, it’s meaning is the opposite. Only until recent times “去” got the same meaning as “往”.
(王力古漢語字典, p. 295)

According to Wang, wang was not used to stress the meaning of ‘leaving’, it was used as a verb to indicate going in a certain direction.

Jian hou 建侯: establish feudal lords (封立諸侯).

Greatly accepted offering.
Favourable to divine.
Do not undertake a far journey.
Favourable to establish feudal lords.

First line


Panhuan 磐桓 = panhuan 盤桓: to stop, to stay, linger (逗留).

Ju 居: residence, the place where one stays to live or reside (住所); also ‘to stop (moving)’ (停息).

This line seems to talk about an oracle consultation for deciding the place to stay. There might be a link (albeit weak) with the story of Pan Geng 盤庚 in the Shujing about relocating the capital. Pan 磐 is an often used loan for pan 盤, en this line has intriguing connections with this story:

Pan-geng wished to remove (the capital) to Yin, but the people would not go to dwell there. He therefore appealed to all the discontented, and made the following protestations. ‘Our king came, and fixed on this. He did so from a deep concern for our people, and not because he would have them all die, where they cannot (now) help one another to preserve their lives. I have consulted the tortoise-shell, and obtained the reply: “This is no place for us.”

See also LiSe’s translation.

If we read pan 磐 as the name Pan (Geng) 盤(庚) the phrase 磐桓 could also read ‘Pan is worried’. But let’s not do that.

Stay (at the current location).
Favourable divination for (deciding) a residence.
Favourable to establish feudal lords.

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