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  1. Paula says:

    Thank you for share this document. I have a question about the hour to be used in the determination of S&B time. Why do you have to correct the birth hour regarding the Greenwich hour? Is not the birth time the moment when the sun is direct over you at your birthday? I’ve thought that if you were born at the Si Snake hour, between the 9 and 11, your time pillar has the caractheristic of the Snake, who is awakening and leaving its home at that hour. This has a soft to correct the birth hour, is it correct?

    • It does not say that you ‘have to correct the birth hour regarding the Greenwich hour’. The calendar is made for Greenwich Mean Time (UTC). But, as said in the pdf, use local time. You have to calculate that yourself.

  2. Dear Harmen, Thank you so much for your very excellent research. I have read a book by a Russian scholar and acupuncturist, Alexey Falev. In it he writes that out of 64 hexagrams only 4 are inauspicious: 28 大過, 47 困, 29 坎,39 蹇。He goes on further to say that diagnostically these hexagrams are associated with the damage of the brain and spinal cord. Can you comment on this? Many thanks!!!

    • Hi Andre, I am surprised that Falev talks about 28, 29, 39 and 47 as inauspicious hexagrams. I don’t think 28 belongs in this series: the so-called si danan gua 四大難卦, ‘the four most difficult hexagrams’ are 3, 29, 39 and 47. It is difficult to find the origin of the 四大難卦 concept. There is one Japanese book from 高島吞象, 《高島斷易》 written in 1886 that refers to it but that is the only reference that I could find.Jack Kuo wrote an article about these 4 hexagrams and he also does not know the true origin of it ( But I agree with him when he says that there are no difficult hexagrams, there is only the fear for them (天下無難卦,只怕有心人) . You cannot call a hexagram ‘inauspicious’ without looking at other factors like timing, season, situation and circumstances. About these hexagrams and their medical application: I have not found any sources that link these hexagrams specifically to brain and spinal cord issues. I assume this is the personal interpretation of Mr. Falev.

    • Rodrigo Olvera says:


      Interestingly enough, 3, 29 and 39 share two characteristics: a) they all have water in the outer trigram, and b) using Wen Wang Gua they all have 2 lines with the Ghost (representing the illness) being in all those 3 cases Xu and Chen (Xun and Chen are in mutual opposition or “clash”).

      3, 29 and 39 are the only 3 out of 64 hexagrams with this configuration of 2 Ghost lines being Xun and Chen [There are other cases of 2 Ghost lines, also with Branches linked to Earth element: 49 Wei and Xu, 55 Xu and Chou, 60 Xu and Wei, 63 Xu and Chou]

      But 47 is a very different animal: it has water in the inner trigram, not in the outer one and in WWG it has only one line with the Ghost and it is Wu; furthermore, 47 is a “total combination” hexagram.

      Not that I’m saying there is any foundation for the “si danan gua” concept nor for the brain/spinal cord interpretation. Just a funny coincidence.

      • Hi Rodrigo, that’s indeed an interesting suggestion. It had not occured to me that WWG might be insightful in this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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