Yijing Workshop Atlanta (October 5th, 2019)

If you study the Yijing (I Ching), the Chinese Book of Changes and one or more of the following statements applies to you then this Yijing Workshop is for you:

  • When I consult the Yijing I often find it difficult to interpret the answer
  • I do not always understand the language used by the Yijing
  • I only use the text of the Yijing, and I would like to do more with the hexagram
  • I do not know how to interpret the trigrams
  • I know that every line of a hexagram has a meaning, and would like to know and use them
  • I’m curious how others use the Yijing
  • I have been using the Yijing for years, but still feel like a beginner
  • I want to know more about the Chinese philosophy behind the Yijing
  • I want to integrate the Yijing into my own profession

In one fascinating day you will learn how to get the most out of your Yijing experience!

Working with hexagrams

Most users of the Yijing, the Chinese Book of Changes, are not familiar with the practical value of the oldest layer of the book: the sixty-four hexagrams. They only read the text and the additional commentary & interpretation, but it is the text that is the most difficult part of the book, it is the part that baffles the reader the most. If you know how to read and apply the hexagram and its layers you have an extra tool to interpret the answer of the Yi and to arrive at a better understanding of the text.

In this workshop you will learn the following:

  • The composition of the Zhouyi, the foundation of the Yijing
  • How the ancient Chinese saw the hexagrams, how they used them and what we can learn from them
  • How to not ask questions
  • The coin method of consulting the Yijing
  • The practical value of the trigrams and lines
  • How these interact
  • How to read moving lines in combination with the trigrams
  • The nuclear trigrams and the baoti 包體 (‘enveloping trigrams’)
  • …and a lot more tools to open up the hexagram
  • How to gather all this data in a structured way to arrive at a meaningful interpretation of the Yi’s answer without reading the book.

All this will be illustrated by examples as well as cases provided by the members of the workshop. After this workshop you will know how to read the hexagram with confidence and you will be less dependent on the text of the Yijing.

What others say about this workshop

“Thank you very much for all that I and the other participants learned over the period of two days. By far, your concise and learned explanation of the Yijing was better than everything I ever read or was taught regarding the Yijing. After participating in your workshop, I now feel confident enough to use the Yijing on my own. Thank you again for all that you taught me. I am looking forward to any future classes that you will teach in the New York area.”

“I cannot recommend Harmen Mesker’s Yijing workshop enough. Harmen is a rare combination of both scholar and practitioner. He is most knowledgeable about the history and interpretation of the Yi, but is also expert at applying that knowledge into meaningful readings. He has developed a unique and original method of relying more on the imagery of the Yi than the text (although the text still remains instrumental), a method which brings us back to how the original system in ancient China utilized imagery. His teaching has not only filled in the holes I was experiencing due to the esoteric nature of the oracle, but has opened up new possibilities of exactly how to read the Yi. Harmen knows the material, knows how to teach it, and also knows how to make the class fun!”

“I have been studying the Yijing off and on for a little more than a decade, and each time I do some research to gain a better understanding of the oracle, the seemingly endless amount of information contained in this ancient practice had always felt intimidating, leading me to give up on it time and time again. After taking Harmen’s one-day “Introduction to the Yijing” workshop, I learned more about the history and the consultation of the Yijing in a few hours with him than I have studying it on my own for thirteen years. This class alone was truly a blessing for me, and is proof that you really need a teacher, especially an amazing teacher like Harmen. He presents the material in a very accessible and easy to understand way, which is so important when you’re learning such an ancient practice. He teaches you the most efficient and effective ways to consult the Yijing and interpret the hexagrams, and does so in a fun manner. Harmen is a great instructor, and a fun, humorous, and personable person to learn from. I can’t recommend his class enough, and can’t wait till he comes back to Chicago! Thank you, Harmen!”

“Thank you for bringing your knowledge/experience in Yijing to Chicago and sharing it with those who could attend. The material is mind-blowing and opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking. I will definitely be using what I learned quite often for myself and others. I really enjoyed the workshop and the way you presented it.”

“It is a rare thing for someone active deep in the Yi Jing circles, someone as knowledgeable and humble as Harmen to appear to teach you the ropes of the field. The fact that he is scholarly in both the Confucian and Taoist tradition AND also a practitioner makes this an even more rare encounter. If you’ve only threw the coins for guidance a handful of times or have written articles on the embattled character translations of the Zhou Yi, you will glean information from Harmen that will benefit your path. Finally, he is a patient, capable teacher. All questions and comments are taken and worked in the class. Thank you Harmen for providing us information that would’ve taken years of self study.”

“It was AWESOME!!! There’s a lot in the Yijing, but the take away is that it can be as accessible as you need it to be. You always get what you need. It’s a very personal interaction and I find the Yijing is like a mirror of how things are right now. It is like looking at the ‘current timeline,’ if you will. It has become a way for me to self-reflect and look at this moment. Harmen breaks it down so you’re able to interface with the Yijing at whatever level you need. He’s a really gifted teacher with a depth of knowledge, experience and wisdom in working with the Yijing to make it super practical. He’s constantly delving deeper into the Yijing, so if you’re an Yijing geek you can geek out as much as you want. If you’re just a beginner, Harmen’s patience, humor and tells it like it is style will have you breaking down the code of life into trigrams and hexagrams before you know it. Although the Yijing is an “ancient book of wisdom,” I’ve come to find the Yijing is quite relevant now. The Yijing is a gift and I’m grateful to Harmen for helping us to appreciate and utilize this amazing gift. Looking forward to learning more and Harmen’s next workshop!”

“This is a great course for all different levels in understanding the I Ching. As a brand new student to the I Ching, Harmen was able to dispel the myths and intelligently explain how to understand and use the I Ching clearly. Totally recommended for all seekers who are interested in using the I Ching.”

About Harmen Mesker

Harmen (1966) started his study of the Yijing in 1982 when he was sixteen years old. His main interests are the history and language of the Yi, as well as the oldest usage of the book in early China. He recently started a YouTube channel (called YiTube) that will show instructional videos on all aspects concerning the Yi. On his website www.yjcn.nl he shares his latest projects as well as an ongoing research journal on the text of the Book of Changes. Harmen is frequently consulted to assist with the translation of old Chinese  texts and had an advisory role in several Dutch translations of Daoist inner alchemy neidan texts.

Date, location & price

Date: October 5th, 2019 10am-17pm incl. lunch break
Location: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta
1190 West Druid Hills Drive NE

Investment: $ 125.–


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